Write a subject to do with Police & Society (can be in corrections, law enforcement,)

This guide will assist you in successfully completing one article critique/review. If your assignment calls for more than one review, then you will use this as a template for the others as well.
• Critiques should be double-spaced, with 10 to 12 point font, and 1 inch margins on all sides. Do NOT use a cover sheet.
• Organize your paper into paragraphs using the subsections listed below.
• Each single critique shall be between 3 double-spaced pages, not including title page, reference sheet, etc.

(1) Identify the research article using the APA reference format
• For information on APA reverence style and paper formatting, visit the APA website.
(2) Summarize BRIEFLY (no more than ¾ page)
• The research problem
• The research design
• The subjects
• The instruments
• Method of analysis
• Conclusions
(3) Critique the Introduction and Literature Review
Use the criteria to evaluate the article. Prepare a written critique according to the criteria set. You do not need to answer each specific question. Summarize and cover the relevant points.

• Is the general purpose of the study clear?
• Is the study significant? Will it make a practical or theoretical contribution?
• Is the introduction well organized and clear?
• Is the review comprehensive?
• Is the review up to date?
• Is there an emphasis on primary sources?
• Is there a critical review or summary of findings?
• Is the review well organized? Does it contain extraneous information?
• Does the review clearly relate previous studies to the current research problem?
• Does the review help establish the importance of the research?

(4) Critique the Research Problem, Question, or Hypothesis

• Is the problem or hypothesis clear and concise?
• If there is a hypothesis, is it consistent with review of literature?
• Does the problem or hypothesis communicate the variables, type of research, and population?


Use the criteria to evaluate the article. Prepare a written critique according to the criteria set. You do not need to answer each specific question. Summarize and cover the relevant points.

Methodology: Sampling

1. Is the population described adequately?
2. Is the sample clearly described?
3. Is the method of selecting the sample clear?
4. Could the method of selection affect the results?
5. Are subjects likely to be motivated to give biased responses?
6. If the study is comparative or ex-post facto, are the groups comparable?
7. If the study is experimental, was there random assignment to groups?

Methodology: Measures

1. Is evidence for validity clearly presented and adequate?
2. Is there a clear description of the instrument and how it was used?
3. Is there a clear description if how the instrument was administered?
4. Is it likely that subjects would fake their responses?
5. Are interviewers and observers trained?
6. If appropriate, how were standards of performance established?
7. If appropriate, what are the norms used to report percentile established?


1. Are there any clear weaknesses in the design of the study?
2. Are the procedures for collecting information described fully?
3. Is it likely that the researcher is biased?


1. Are the findings presented clearly?
2. Is there appropriate use of tables, charts, and figures?
3. Is the number of subjects taken into consideration when presenting the results?
4. Is there sufficient descriptive information to interpret the results?
5. Are the results presented in relation to the research question, or does it seem more like a “fishing expedition” to find something, anything, that is “statistically significant?”


1. Is the discussion based on the research problem and results, or is there a tendency to discuss unrelated material or ideas?
2. Is there an adequate interpretation of the findings?
3. Is the interpretation separate from the results?
4. Are the results discussed in relation to previous studies?
5. Are limitations due to methodology included in the discussion?
6. Are the conclusions clearly stated and based on the results and discussion?
7. Are the conclusions reasonable? Did they go beyond the interpretation of the findings?
8. What is the external validity of the study? What factors would affect the external validity?

Grammar, punctuation, adherence to formatting directions
These points will be assigned at the end based on all (3) parts.


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