Explain is representative democracy really democratic?

Essay : Is representative democracy really democratic? Use examples to illustrate your answer.
This essay is asking you to demonstrate your understanding of representative democracy in the context of the core meaning and principles of democracy. Do modern representative democracies deliver democracy? Are there shortcomings of representative democracy? Is this a problem? Your discussion should be balanced. You should use examples to help support your argument. You must use recognised academic sources.

First paragraph: introduction
Second paragraph:defination and precipices of democracy and repetitive democracy
Third paragraph: whether modern representative democracies deliver democracy–my point is have deliver democracy
Fourth paragraph: the shortcomings of representative democracy and what kind of problems have caused.
last paragraph: conclusion
the most important is my discussion should be balanced
Please use the source that I had put in this E-mail
I do not need a high mark just about 55.
Thank you very much!
Reading to get started

This list is intended as a guide, not as a definitive list of all the books you should read or use. These sources will not provide you directly with an answer to the question, but they do provide useful information for you to construct your own answer. You will need to supplement this list with academic sources referring to the examples you wish to use.

Arblaster, A. (2002) Democracy, 3rd Edition, Buckingham: Open University Press.

Birch, A. H. (2007) Concepts and Theories of Modern Democracy, 3rd Edition, Oxon: Routledge, Ch. 7 & 8. See also:
• 2nd Edition (2001), Ch. 6 & 7

Crick, B. (2005) In Defence of Politics 5th Edition, London: Continuum, Ch. 3 – “A defence of politics against democracy”.
• See also previous editions

Dahl, R. (1989) Democracy and its Critics, New Haven Conn.: Yale University Press.

Goodwin, B. (2007) Using Political Ideas, 5th Edition, Chichester: John Wiley and Sons, Ch. 12. See also:
o 4th Edition (1997), Ch. 12
o 3rd Edition (1992), Ch. 10

Held, D. (2006) Models of Democracy, 3rd Edition, Cambridge: Polity.
See also: 1st and 2nd Editions.

Hoffman, J. & Graham, P. (2009) Introduction to Political Theory, 2nd Edition, Essex: Pearson, Ch. 2. See also:
o 1st Edition (2006), Ch. 5

McKinnon, C. (2008) Issues in Political Theory, Oxford: OUP, Ch. 4.

Miller, D. (2003) Political Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford: OUP, Ch. 3.

Pickles, D. (1970) Democracy, Birkenhead: Willmer Brothers Ltd.

Przeworski, A., Stokes, S. and Manin, B. (Eds) (1999) Democracy, Accountability and Representation, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Wolff, J. (2006) An Introduction to Political Philosophy, Revised Edition, Oxford: OUP, Ch. 3.

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