A report is nothing else than a formally written statement of facts. Writing a report demands much knowledge, along with preparing and searching for many authenticated details like statistical and experimental data and much more.

Our agency is the leader in report writing. We have already proven as great help for many academics through their education course. We are aware that there are numerous types of reports that students may be expected to write while they go through the education process. They can distinguish in disciplines or in the style of writing.

Here are some examples of the reports you may be asked to do:

Business Reports – this kind of reports serves for introducing some ideas in the business ambience, or maybe for describing the situation company or even the market is at the moment, and many more. These reports can be both formal and informal. Informal business reports are usually not that long, containing around five pages, and are written as a letter or a memo. When the formal business reports are in question, they are longer and demand collecting of much more in depth data and information. Business reports can also be of different types when you consider arranging of the facts and level of their processing.

Formal reports – these reports gather and process data in order to present obtained information to the public. Formal reports are in general the written calculations of big projects. They are extremely comprehensive and demand a great deal of research work and analysis. The structure of these reports is usually not direct. They begin with introducing the information, then it gets to analysis and presents the findings, before making suggestions based on the gathered and presented data.

Technical or Experimental Reports – reports that are demanded by some particular industries or fields of study are technical by themselves. The reports target a particular audience, have a determined goal and are written in the format that takes into account the principles and demands of the discipline. It often contains large amount of data, along with particular calculation and informs the audience about the data got from the performed experiments.

Field reports – As their name says, they study a specific field. Field reports are provided by members of the university and then and then awarded to a group or students, or they can be proposed by the students alone. Field reports are usually an end product and presenting of the field study is done in an environment considered natural.

Book Reports – big part of this type of report is consisted of summary and plot information on a particular book. In the last part, the student usually writes a short personal point of view on the book.

Progress Reports – these reports provide facts, while introducing all the steps of developing that have happened since the previous report has been published. Progress reports should be done regularly for a certain time period. Financial and annual reports on a particular business’ results are the most fitting example for progress reports.

It is much easier to write a research paper then it is to prepare a report, which takes a huge amount of time and demands a lot of effort. Professors often give the task of writing the report to a group of students, where every academic would be accountable for a certain part of a report, along with involvement in the polemics. This usually shortens the time needed for the report to be done, and students decide themselves on their parts of the report, in accordance with their skills and capabilities, as well as areas of interest. Upon deciding on a group, each student takes a suitable role. When you are part of a group, you don’t have as much obligations as when doing something by yourself, and you don’t have to be familiar with areas which are not your specialty. Your team will decide on a leader, who will distribute the work and give assignments. This way you don’t waste your time, but what if you are expected to prepare the whole report independently? And you are aware that it must be a high-quality report, but in order to get it to that level you will need some assistance.

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You can always ask your friend to assist you and disclose that the report was not done by yourself.

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