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We are proud to present you Research Writers Hub. Our goal is constant upgrading of the service that we offer, in order to be able to fulfil the demands of academic writing service for every level, starting from high school, all the way through graduate and Master’s and PhD work.

Welcome to CustomWritings.com. We endeavor to continuously improve our services, providing outlining and writing services for academic writing of all levels, from high school through college, university, and graduate levels, including Master’s and PhD level work.

What do we look for in an author?

We get numerous applications from people all over the globe who want to work with us as freelancers. You need to keep in mind that you must meet our criteria and have strong qualifications. We demand of our potential writers to take a couple of tests which serve to prove us they know their way around written English, gives us assurance that you know how to find and use peer-reviewed literature in the right way, and you also find your way around different generally accepted formats of writing, which include APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian and Harvard. Finally, the candidate needs to do a sample of writing in the given deadline. Except for the fact that this shows us your skill as a writer, we can get to know your ability to perform research of a certain topic and the way you handle the pressure of working in a given timeframe. Authors we hire should finish the given assignment in short time, because it’s common that our clients need an urgent writing to be finished in just hours from ordering. Besides this, we expect the authors to be informed on various categories.

Constant evaluations of our authors

We have a strict control of quality policy and we always stick to it. This means that our authors are under constant evaluation of their progress and skills. We have a department for assessment that chooses some random pages from your fresh work and checks it constantly. Moreover, our authors have to take English tests every month so we can reassess their level of English, formatting and writing skills. And we don’t finish there, as we always ask our clients to evaluate our authors and comment on them, so our team and the ones who will become our clients will know more about the particular writer.

We monitor author’s achievements

We have a system for controlling the quality and use authors’ rating to watch and assess author’s performance. We have a system that contains various factors, and these are some of them:

  • Editor’s evaluation of writing abilities done by reading three randomly chosen papers that the author has written in the last fourteen days;
  • Clients’ ratings in a particular category;
  • Number of disciplinary points the author accumulated for being late, or all demands for revisions and disputes;
  • Percentage of clients that come back to that author;
  • Author’s favourite disciplines;

This kind of system enables us to get the most recent overall rating for the particular author. Categorization of authors may vary due to our flexible system. So, if you want to work again with the same author, it might happen that you need to pay a little bit more, because it the mean time his overall rating improved. On the other hand, if the author has fluctuated down in the ratings, you might end up paying a lower fee than you planned. However, you probably shouldn’t pay much attention to this, but always choose the author who has already proven to be able to fulfil your writing instructions.

Where do we find our authors?

This is actually the best part. The greatest thing about being a freelance author on the internet means that you can be anywhere in the world, implying that you have a solid internet there. This is why we hire writers from all over the globe, but most frequently they come from the UK, the US and Canada. It is essential that they show proficient English abilities when it comes to writing and reading. Besides that, they need to have comprehensive peer-reviewed literature database at a reach of their hand, and possess certain knowledge on various categories. Moreover, they need to be able to write in a scholarly way, adapted to any academic level, whether it is high school, college, graduate, Master’s or PhD level. You should be informed that some of our authors are not native-English writers, but despite that they do a great work. However, this is something you can demand when placing your order, you just need to pick the right option.

How do we decide who to assign the task to?

Various factors help us when we need to decide which author fits best for writing the paper you ordered. What we take into account is the background of the writer, is he highly skilled in the given category or perhaps even have a degree in it? How much experience does the author have? What is his overall rating in the given category? And last, but not least, we want the writer to give full attention to the client’s order, so we take a look at how many tasks the author currently has given to him.

How can I be sure that the selected author has good skills prior to him beginning to work on my task?

You can select the author you want yourself. For an extremely small price of $5, you can take a look at some samples of the author’s previous writings. You are also able to post a free enquiry, on which the authors will then apply, and then you can take a look at their work prior to selecting the one that you think will best fit your assignment. All these stuff should help you with establishing author’s abilities before picking one and placing your order.

We would be extremely happy if you think we assisted you in improving your academic skills.

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