Write an essay on the legalization of the trade of rhino horn and expand on it

persuasive essay on the legalization of the trade of rhino horn and expand on it in order to turn its four pages into ten.

Paper must be ten pages long and include at least twelve scholarly sources. Copies of sources used MUST be provided.

Paper must follow the following criteria:

1. Documentation according to MLA style: There are citations for all ideas that are not common knowledge. There are at least twelve sources that match those references. The more scholarly the sources, the better.

2. Standard English and overall appearance: Standard English, formal written style, must be used and be free of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.

3. Organization: The whole paper should follow a pattern, including a thesis statement and carefully organized paragraphs.

4. Evidence: The thesis should be proven with evidence, balancing opinions, examples and statistics. Fallacies must be avoided.

5. Persuasive Content: The tone should be reasonable and academic. Opposing positions should not just be mentioned but responded to. Strive for a balance of credibility, emotion and logic.

After drafting your paper, read it out loud and check yourself for each of the above items.

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