Who is the priority population?

A need assessment should answer:

1) Who is the priority population?

2) what are the needs of the priority population?

3) which subgroups within the priority population have greatest need?

4) where are the subgroups located geographically?

5) what is currently being done to resolve identify needs?

6) how well have that Denna five needs been addressed in the past?


Step 1: Determining the purpose and scope of the needs assessment

What is the go of the need assessment?

What does the planning committee hope to gain from the need assessment?

Step 2: Gather data

  • You must identify both primary and secondary sources you will use (i.e. how would you collect your primary data in your community; what secondary sources would you reference)

Step 3: Analyzing data

  • Assume that your project or topic has a pressing need in the community (Although, you may find that it is actually not as important as something else in the real world.)

Step 4: Identifying risk factors linked to the health problems

  • In this step, do as it says – identify the genetic, behavioral, and environmental risk factors in your community that are associated with the health condition you are looking to prevent or reduce occurrence of

Step 5: Identifying the health problem

  • Answer the questions mentioned in the text and lecture presentation
  • Identify the predisposing, enabling, and reinforcing factors that directly impact the risk factors associated with the health condition, behavior or disease you chose

Step 6 Validating the need

  • How would you go about validating the need (previous 5 steps)
  • Confirm what need was identified – is that the need that should actually be addressed?

Assignment Conditions

  • This is an outline, but you must write in paragraph formdescribing each step
  • You can reference your community or state’s community health assessmentto determine or link to community priorities.
  • Submit in a Word Document format (editable)
  • At least 4 pages in length (not including sources)
  • Arial font, Size 12 only
  • All references and citations must be in APA format

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