What is marketing?

Marketing Project worth 20 points. Written report submitted through Moodle assignment.
Write a report on the topic “What is marketing?” This should be a typed and double spaced document between 1 to 2 pages (Font and Font Size is Times Roman, 12). Include in this document answers the following questions:
1. Write an essay on the topic “What is marketing?” How has your learning in this course transformed your understanding of what you originally “thought” was marketing to what you have “learned” to be marketing?
2. Watch the URL Moodle link about Ted and Spaghetti Sauce

3.After viewing this link comment about how this discussion about spaghetti sauce may have or may not have changed your understanding of marketing.
Grading Criteria – Total 20 Marketing Project Points
(1)5 points – Student views the video link: Ted and Spaghetti Sauce
(2)5 points – Quality content is thorough and complete.
(3)5 points – Critical analysis includes original opinions and the reasons for these opinions based on course material and personal experiences.
(4)5 points – Quality writing which implies the use of correct grammar, spelling and includes all references at the end of your report with the internet links or other research citations that you used to write your report.

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