What is abstraction in the visual arts?

Something to ponder: Are you used to visual abstraction? Does it make sense to you? What is abstraction in the visual arts? What is abstraction in general? In terms of popular culture, visual culture, the environment, the culture at large, your surroundings…..what in our own culture is ‘abstract?’ What is abstract from any other point of view? As a viewer who may or may not be used to (visual) abstraction, what can you say about it in terms of your own aesthetics? Is it compelling to you on any level? Do you find it interesting? How can you make sense of abstraction? Do you prefer a more figural or abstract style of artmaking? Why would an artist go back to figural art (recognizable) after doing complete abstraction? Is abstraction a dead end, or a purifying ritual for an artist? This is not a complicated exercise–it’s more like another Threaded Discussion. It’s an opportunity to do some critical thinking and express your opinion

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