What impact will health reform act of 2010 (Obamacare) have on reimbursement?

Answer the following:

1- What impact will health reform act of 2010 (Obamacare) have on reimbursement? Answer discussion with a minimum of 130 words. How will this issue will affect physicians, healthcare organizations and patient care?

2- Read and analyze this paragraph and identify: research topic, problem statement, significance of the problem, and purpose of the study. Explain briefly each item separately. (130 words).

In the United States, over a million people are living with HIV infection. Another half million have died from AIDS since the beginning of the HIV epidemic. The prevalence of HIV has increased among women, but especially among minority women. A larger proportion of minority women are uninsured when compared with nonminority women. Treatment of HIV has increased the life expectancy of patients. Viral suppression, however, requires greater than 90% adherence to expensive medications for life. Treatment fatigue has been linked to patients dropping out of care. No studies have been published that explore the experience of treatment fatigue from the perspectives of uninsured, minority women with HIV infection. This phenomenological study seeks to explore the lived experience of treatment fatigue in HIV infection among uninsured, minority women.

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