What does the research provide in the study of issues and trends in sex offender treatment and rehabilitation?

Chapter 6 presents issues regarding working with offenders with mental disorders. The author provides four categories of mentally ill individuals who are offenders within the criminal justice system (p.71). The author also discusses legal, social, and treatment issues.
Chapter 10 focuses on managing sex offenders. Sex offenders challenge the feeling of safe in communities. Yet what does the research say about treatment, rehabilitation, and the methodology for such offenders?
Chapter 11 discusses issues associated with inmates challenged with HIV/AIDS. The authors present a variety of statistics regarding inmates with AIDS, specifically the high death count beginning in the 1980s. With new medical technology and a better standard of care, inmates began to survive, complete their sentences, and return to the community.
Chapter 12 presents the concept that health issues, including HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, tuberculosis, aging prison populations, and substance abuse, are straining and altering correctional policy and practice (p. 163).
For this module, your assignment is to discuss one of the following topics:
1. Through your research, what do you find are the serious issues and trends in working with offenders with mental disorders? Discuss the anticipated trends in dealing with offenders with mental disorders.
2. What does the research provide in the study of issues and trends in sex offender treatment and rehabilitation? It is easy enough to say “lock them up and throw away the key,” but there are many other issues and trends in the study of managing sex offenders. Discuss those issues and trends.
3. What does the research present regarding the unique issues and trends associated with medical issues for correctional institutions and the staff as well as the issues faced by inmates?
4. What is epidemiological criminology? Why is it an issue? Discuss the resulting trends associated with the issues.

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