What are three methods used to control health hazards in the workplace.

  1. What are three methods used to control health hazards in the workplace, and in what order should they be used?
  2. What is general ventilation, and what is the major disadvantage of using general ventilation?
  3. What is a smoke tube and how is it useful?
  4. What are three processes required for proper operation of an HVAC system?
  5. A written respiratory protection program must be established when respiratory protection is needed. What are five of the elements required by OSHA to be in such a program?
  6. In addition to the written respirator program, what three things must be done for each employee before they should be allowed to wear a respirator?
  7. Employers are required to put engineering and administrative controls in place before issuing respiratory protection. Should this hierarchy of controls be required, or should employers be able to skip controls and go straight to respirators? Why is implementing engineering controls a difficult issue for employers? As an industrial hygienist, what can you do or say to encourage employers to do the right thing?

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