Strategic marketing management.

 Carry out the stated command (ASSESS, DISCUSS & ANALYZE) and the required task (AC) efficiently. Example: explain, describe, apply, show, justify, assess, evaluate, use etc. Find example of these in use at: 2. Conduct adequate Research using secondary sources and/or primary sources. 3. Use four or more (combination of) theories, techniques, skills, and modern tools of the practice. 4. Cite Six (6) or more reliable sources used in your work whether paraphrased, directly quoted or summarized correctly using Harvard Referencing Style. 5. Link the study to the Organisational Context (Case) and apply the knowledge of subject concepts to the Business Case effectively. 6. The Task (AC) is 750 – 1000 Words in length including the Findings, Discussion and Recommendations. 7. Include including all sources cited in-text using Harvard Referencing Style correctly. 8. Your Reference Page at end of the work must be at correct referencing standard and include ALL sources cited in your work: primary, secondary or tables and figures used. 9. Paper is lively, well-paced, interesting, and everything in it seems to fit the theme exactly. Reading the paper, it is clear that the writer cares for his or her ideas, and about the language that carries them. 10. It may have a proofreading error or two, or even a misspelled word, but these errors should only be the consequence of the normal accidents all good writers encounter. 11. Conduct, Analyze and interpret primary and secondary data effectively using appropriate research tools. 12. Identify, formulate, and solve problems. 13. Recommendations are relevant to the findings, presented with justification and within suitable timeframe for implementation 14. Appendix with any of: surveys, interview questions, feedback, observation report, brochures, supporting documents etc. 2.1. Assess the value of models used in strategic marketing planning Research the models used in strategic planning. You will need to make judgements and assess the value of the models for strategic marketing planning (750 – 1000 Words). 2.2 Discuss the links between strategic positioning and marketing tactics In your discussion provide examples showing how tactics are related to strategic positioning decisions to demonstrate your understanding that when strategic plans are put into operation, day-to-day tactical decisions have to be made (750 – 1000 Words). 2.2. Analyse the merits of relationship marketing in a given strategic marketing strategy Show that you understand the nature of relationship marketing. You will discuss the place of relationship marketing in a strategic marketing plan and then analyse the merits of using this marketing technique (750 – 1000 Words). Company understudying is 1stopsportsshop based in Alabama. A sports referee uniform/equipment company. The attached is an example of a pass granted and one we could use a could use as a guide.


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