List and explain powerful factors that converged to disempower organized labor during the 1920’s.

Part A – Essays: Respond to each of the following essay questions in 10-30 sentences. If need divide response into paragraphs for easy reading.
Outline a brief history of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). What was the political atmosphere when OSHA was signed into law? What were the basic provisions of the bill? How effective has the act been since it was made law?
2. List and explain powerful factors that converged to disempower organized labor during the 1920’s.
3. Discuss the various forms of union security. In this context, be sure to explain different forms of union security, such as the closed shop and the agency shop.

Part B – Answer each of the following in 1-4 complete sentences.
What is decertification election? With respect to the objectives of organized labor, how did most of these elections turn out during the 1980’s?

In 1964, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) had something to say about GE’s practice of Boulwarism. What is Boulwarism, and how was it viewed by the NLRB?

You overhear two women talking about their work schedules. One of the women mentions core time. What is core time?

When were the first national unions established? What was the context of this development?

Briefly differentiate defined benefit pension plans from defined contribution pension plans.

In the context of arbitration, define the concept of past practice.

What were two significant impacts of the Civil Rights Act of 1991?

What is a yellow-dog contract?

Section 14b of the Taft-Hartley Act permits states to pass right-to-work laws. What would happen if Section 14b were repealed by Congress? Why?

Why do the authors of your textbook compare relationship between the AFL-CIO federation to national unions with the relationship between member states to the Union Nations?

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