Is it ethical to terminate a relationship with a close family member? Explain your answer

Is it ethical to terminate a relationship with a close family member? Explain your answer. If it is, under what circumstances is it acceptable? If it is not, why not?

Madison is sick of her mother giving her advice about how to raise her son. She doesn’t allow her mother to see her grandson and has avoided seeing or speaking to her for over 2 years. What type of interpersonal communication is this? How does she need to resolve this issue?
Conflict Management Plan
Create a plan to manage conflict in professional life that addresses the following:
In professional life, how does conflict occur? What are the common characteristics of workplace conflict?
Summarize conflict management styles. Discuss how each style applies to different conflict scenarios.
Discuss conflict management skills. How do you plan to develop your conflict management skills set?
Discuss how your score for each dimension of the “What’s My Preferred Conflict Handling Style?” assessment reflects your own conflict-handling style.
In professional life, how can you plan for appropriate conflict resolution? Write a plan for identifying, handling, and resolving conflict.
Present your plan in the form of a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes.
You must use the grading rubric for this assignment to make sure you are covering all of the required elements. To do well on this assignment, you want to create a separate slide for each graded content component on the grading rubric. You must use the concepts listed on the grading rubric. Use your personal experiences and examples to explain them fully in the speaker’s notes. I look at the slides and speakers notes when I give feedback so please do not spend extra time adding special effects or audio/video files to the PowerPoint as I will not see them.

Pearson-Prentice Hall Self-Assessment Library: What’s My Preferred Conflict Handling Style?
Grading Rubric

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