Health insurance portability and accountability.

Question 1.1. Which of the following is NOT true about Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)? (Points : 0.45)






Question 2.2. __________ refers to a test that matches applicants to jobs based on a combination of their top five strengths. (Points : 0.45)






Question 3.3. Which of the following is NOT true about independent contractors? (Points : 0.45)






Question 4.4. Which of the following is the difference between training and education? (Points : 0.45)






Question 5.5. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission uses a __________ to evaluate whether an employers’ hiring practices are discriminatory. (Points : 0.45)






Question 6.6. Which of the following regulates the distinction between exempt and non-exempt employees? (Points : 0.45)






Question 7.7. __________ refers to the extent to which the job’s demands are compatible with the capabilities of the incumbent and the job meets the needs and preferences of the incumbent. (Points : 0.45)






Question 8.8. __________ is a method of employee development that helps an employee to develop his or her skills by interacting with a more experienced coworker or supervisor. (Points : 0.45)






Question 9.9. The __________ stage of the training process involves assessment through evaluating performance at the individual and organizational levels, and identifying any gaps between the required and the current competencies that might hinder the organization’s progress. (Points : 0.45)






Question 10.10. What framework for determining the proper use of selection procedures, including test procedures, has been used by courts in deciding cases related to unfair employment practices? (Points : 0.45)






Question 11.11. Which of the following types of training will be the least beneficial for employees who do not possess good computer skills or self-motivation? (Points : 0.45)






Question 12.12. Which of the following are issues an organization must keep in mind when developing a recruitment strategy? (Points : 0.45)






Question 13.13. __________ is a form of online training that is available to the public free of charge.  (Points : 0.45)






Question 14.14. Which of the following reflects the correct order of the training process? (Points : 0.45)






Question 15.15. What are the two main types of employment testing? (Points : 0.45)






Question 16.16. If the test questions in a selection procedure are directly related to the required skills and qualifications for a job, the procedure can be said to have: (Points : 0.45)






Question 17.17. Which of the following is NOT a major reason that selection is crucial to an organization? (Points : 0.45)






Question 18.18. __________ refers to leveraging linkages between human resource practices and organizational objectives for the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage. (Points : 0.45)






Question 19.19. Which of the following is true about filing a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission? (Points : 0.45)






Question 20.20. Which of the following is NOT an example of HR-related processes that can be automated and managed using human resources information systems? (Points : 0.45)






Question 21.

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