Explain the role the government plays in personal finance.

3-4 page paper in APA format answering the questions.  Need it 02 November 2015 by 3 PM EST.  Short notice so if you can’t get it in that time frame don’t bother.  Just needs to be general knowledge.



Economics plays a role in personal finance.  Describe the role that economics plays in your personal financial plan.  Also, the use of credit plays an important role in a personal financial plan. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of credit and explain how you will use it as part of your financial plan. Specifically address the following required elements:

– Explain the role the government plays in personal finance (focus on regulations, laws, economic policy, etc.).

– Explain the role of government assistance in personal finance (describe what type of assistance is available).

– Explain the impact of the tax system on personal finance (how do various taxes impact you on a personal level, related to your financial plan).

– Discuss basic economic data, how to access it, and how it can be used to make decision and plan for the future.

– Discuss the use of credit.

– Explain the cost of credit.

– Determine the sources of credit available (where can you get credit, advantages and disadvantages of the types).

– Identify the types of credit that you will use as you develop your budget and financial plan (what types and why).

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