Explain mathematics in gambling.

You are required to write a research paper for this course. A research paper (approximately 5 – 8 pages in length) will be required of all students. The research topic must be related to concepts addressed in the course. If participating in Service Learning, the research paper length is approximately 3 -5 pages (see below). Requirements for research paper: Length: Your paper should be 5 to 8 pages typed using double space and a font size of 12. Contents that are not counted towards length are table of contents, bibliography or other reference lists, large illustrations, etc. Drafts: Once you have picked a paper topic, you need to turn in the following drafts by submitting them:  Outline due (10 points): Start researching websites and library books to find your topic resources. In your outline, draft a framework of your paper. You don’t have to b e specific but give some indication that you have a direction and you have determined that there is enough information available for you to accomplish this paper. Also, include a bibliography of your websites and books. I will give you feedback to give you direction and guidance.  First draft (40 points): Your first draft does not have to be 5 to 8 pages nor does it have to be polished and perfect in structure. But, it should be substantial, have direction and focus, and contains a bibliography. I will provide feedback to improve your paper for the final draft.  Final paper (50 points): Your final paper should be 5 to 8 pages, polished, structured, substantial, includes necessary illustrations and a bibliography.

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