Evaluate a particular university policy or rule. Is this policy justified

Evaluate a particular university policy or rule. Is this policy justified? Is it effective? Is it ethical? From these questions, develop a strong claim supported by reasons.Integrate at least five reputable sources, including at least one peer-reviewed academic journal. You may also use the class readings. However, if you use a peer reviewed article supplied by the instructor, it will not count towards the minimum requirement; you must still locate one peer-reviewed journal on your own. You must use all of the techniques for source integration that we discuss in the course (summary, paraphrase, and quotation) at least once. You will likely paraphrase several times. Draft a persuasive claim with strong reasons, warrants, grounds, backing, and conditions of rebuttal. Integrate at least five sources. At least one must be from a peer-reviewed academic journal. MLA, with Works Cited page (WC page does not count towards word/page count) 12 point, Times New Roman, 1” margins, double-spaced

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