Effects of bullying last into adulthood study.

For this assignment you will complete a summary review of an scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article on an important issue in psychology selected from the list below. This summary will be attached to the assignment screen for grading and also posted on the Week 2 Forum where it will 1) be read by classmates for discussion in class, and 2) be considered by them as the direction for their course paper (see details in the Literature Review assignment instructions for how this works).

This assignment requires a single evidence-based, peer-reviewed journal article, not an opinion publication or one reviewing or summarizing multiple writings or researchers’ experimental studies.  Evidence-based means the article reports on a single experiment conducted by an article’s author(s).  Peer-reviewed means an article in an academic journal that had to be approved by the journal’s editorial panel of scientific discipline experts.  Trade journals and commercial/popular publications do not qualify for the assignment.
MUST BE A evidence-based, peer-reviewed article.
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Peer reviewed article summary previously)


Effects of Bullying Last Into Adulthood, Study Finds– http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/20/effects-of-bullying-last-into-adulthood-study-finds/?_r=0

By Catherine Saint Louis

According to this article, the victims of bullying in school together with the bullies have a high probability of experiencing psychiatric issues while at a young age. Studies further reveal these problems are likely to be extended into adulthood, hence affecting a person’s entire life in some instances. The article goes on to say that the experience of bullying during childhood can end up having profound effects on the mental health of adults. This is perhaps the reason why there are so many efforts today targeted at combating bullying in schools. Previously, many people thought bullying affected the current welfare of the kids being bullied and the bullies themselves. This is perhaps the reason why some teachers had a soft spot for bullies as they felt kids had to be kids, and bullying enabled them pass a certain stage. However, recent studies have alerted many people on matters regarding bullying, as it can end up affecting a person’s entire life.

In order to come up with these findings, a study that followed 1,420 subjects residing in Western North Carolina was conducted. The subjects selected were usually assessed approximately four to six times between the ages of 16 and 9. In the study, researchers asked the subjects together with their parents or guardians if they had bullied others or themselves bullied within the three months in which the assessment was carried out. In order to come up with the intended results, researchers divided the subjects into four different groups. The first group was made up of bullies, the second the victims of bullying. The third group on the other hand comprised of victims who were also bullies and the fourth group was made of kids who were not exposed to bullying at all.

The researchers carried out their assessments on subjects during various stages. For instance, the assessments were conducted in young adulthood, at the ages of 19 and 21, and between 24 and 26 years. The assessments were usually carried out using diagnosticinterviews that were well structured to meet the needs of subjects and researchers. This aspect was brought about by the fact there was no other means which could have been used to carry out the assessments. 

During the study, researchers found out that the victims of bullying during childhood were 4.3 times more than those who had no history of bullying to experience when they became adults. Bullies that were also victims were also found to experience various problems when they became adults. For instance, they were 14.5 times in a position to develop panic disorders when they became adults. They were also 4.8 times more likely to experience depression than those without bullying history. Besides this, men who also belonged to this group were 18.5 times more likely to develop suicidal thoughts when they eventually became adults. Female members of this group were on the other hand 26.7 times more likely to suffer from agoraphobia than their counterparts who never had any bullying history. 

Individuals who were in the group of bullies were not much affected by their actions. However, studies revealed they were likely to develop antisocial behaviors when they became adults. This stems from the fact that studies revealed they were 4.1 times more likely to develop antisocial personality than those who never experienced bullying when they became adults. In order to come up with these findings, correlation studies were definitely used. For instance, there was a high correlation between bullying and antisocial behaviors. Besides this, there was also a correlation around 0.9251 between bullying and depression. 

The article further says that the effects of bullying persisted even though researchers tried to account for pre-existing psychiatric issues or various factors which could have brought about these problems, for instance poverty, family instability and sexual abuse. The researchers went on to say it is appropriate to conclude that experiencing bullying is similar to having an effect 10 years later, beyond and above other psychological problems during childhood and other different adversities. 

Based on the findings of this research, bullying is not a harmless experience as many people tend to perceive it. This is because of the long lasting psychiatric effects it inflicts on victims, and perpetrators of bullying. As a result of this, teachers need to come up with effective and appropriate measures to combat this vice in our schools. Teachers need to differentiate bullying from childhood games, as the two set of activities are very different. This is because there are various instances when kids report bullying cases but teachers assume they were just playing, and what happened was just an accident.

This article has handled effectively various contentious issues regarding bullying. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done in this area. For instance, this study only focused on bullying in schools. This implies that there are still other areas where bullying takes place which are not covered. As a result of this, people need to conduct research on lasting effects of workplace bullying. 


Louis, S. C. (2013). Effects of Bullying Last Into Adulthood, Study Finds-http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/20/effects-of-bullying-last-into-adulthood-study-finds/?_r=0

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