Discuss sexual assults on college campuses.

In essay 2, you will be writing yet another type of argument, blending the skills you have previously learned. In this essay, you will be writing a cause / effect essay analyzing a current problem; you will approach this as a problem/ solution argument. You will be reading about a problem, the reasons why something is occurring and the consequences of that fact, and ending with solutions. The problem is the high number of sexual assaults on college campuses. Explain the reality of the situation and the depth of the problem, the factors causing it, and the consequences for women and implications if the trend continues. The paper will end with what colleges need to do to remedy or alleviate the problem. It will be a four-part essay (4 Roman numerals). People do not necessarily agree on any of the four parts. In this essay, you must incorporate quotations from Jon Krakauer’s Missoula and use Ebsco’s Omni-file Full-Text Select and Academic Search Complete. No other sources are allowed.

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