Discuss how the process of speciation occurs and describe.

1. What is the IPAT formula, and what do each of its variables mean? Do you think it is realistic to think that Americans could get their environmental impact close to that of a person living in an undeveloped country by using renewable resources and environmentally friendly technology? Why, or why not?


2.  Discuss how the process of speciation occurs and describe the two types of speciation. Use the internet to search for an example of each type, and provide a brief description of your examples. Be sure to include a citation for your source in APA format.


3. Explain exponential growth of a population and compare it to logistic population growth. Discuss the concept of a population�s carrying capacity and how it regulates logistic growth.


4. Describe the four stages of a demographic transition. How does the improvement of women�s lives help to reduce birth rates and allow a country to complete the demographic transition?


5. match the following


Crude birth rate

Life expectancy

Total fertility rate

Zero population growth

Dependency ratio


The average age that a newborn infant can expect to attain
Occurs when births plus immigration equals death plus emigration
The number of births per thousand persons in a given year
The number of nonworking compared with working individuals in a population
The number of children born to an average woman in a population during her reproductive life
Number of deaths per thousand persons in any given year

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