Describe your neighborhood using data and observations.

Sociology 4226: Urban Sociology Paper #1: Atlanta Neighborhood Profile Due: October 14 (Wednesday) by midnight, submit to D2L/Brightspace Dropbox Summary This paper will focus on a neighborhood of your choice. Neighborhoods will be defined as the zip code. You can choose the zip code where you live, or if you are curious about another neighborhood, you can choose a nearby zip code. Choose a zip code that you can get to, because this paper requires you to travel there. The purpose of this paper is to describe your neighborhood using data and observations, and use this evidence along with concepts and readings from class to answer the key questions below. Key Questions How would you characterize the sense of community in your neighborhood, and how is the sense of community related to underlying structural characteristics? Based on this evidence, what do you think is the most pressing problem facing this neighborhood, and what do you suggest as a first step towards solving it? Data and Observations • Observations about the sense of community You are required to make observations and reference them in your paper. To do so, you must travel to your neighborhood, walk and/or drive around, and make observations about social disorganization and collective efficacy. The attached “Neighborhood Observations Worksheet” should serve as your guide for taking field notes, and must be attached to your final paper. I suggest printing out the worksheet, writing down your notes, and then typing them up. • Data on structural characteristics You are required to include a table of data from the U.S. Census Bureau. A good place to start is: You must attach your table, and describe your findings in the text. An example table is attached and can be used as your template. Specifications Your paper should have a clearly defined thesis statement, highlighted in italics so that I may easily find it. Papers should be about 3 pages in length, double-spaced, not including references. Use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Place references, data tables, and field notes on separate pages at the end of your paper, and submit as one file. You are required to cite one reference from the class readings, but you can cite more as you see fit. Use the ASA citation style to format references. (continued on back)  Extra Help If you are having difficulty identifying a neighborhood problem, writing your paper, accessing data from the Census Bureau, citing references, or completing other aspects of this assignment, I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to help you during my office hours or by appointment. Just ask. Checklist Be sure you have done the following in your final paper: ü Included an italicized thesis statement ü Avoided plagiarism by correctly citing sources ü Formatted the paper according to the specifications ü Included a citation to one or more class readings ü Attached a References page with a list of the works cited ü Attached a table of data from the U.S. Census Bureau ü Attached the Neighborhood Observations Worksheet ü Submitted the paper as one file and checked that it opens properly

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