Describe the value of a project management certification in your professional life.

Option 1 Management Certification Access the Project Management Institute’s home page at Review the qualifications necessary to earn certification as a Program Management Professional, Project Management Professional, and Certified Associate in Project Management. Use an Internet search engine to search for project management practice tests, and take at least one practice exam on the Internet. Use Microsoft Word to answer the following: What exam(s) did you take, and how well did you do on the exam(s)? Describe the value of a project management certification in your professional life. What are the next steps in your path to become a project manager? Your discussion should be at least 500 words in length. One website to reference is Note to student: The results on your practice test(s) will not affect your grade in any way. The purpose of the practice exam(s) is to give you exposure to PMI certification and its rigors. You will be graded on the responses to the questions above.



Option 2 Management in a Foreign Country Research business practices and labor issues in Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, or Japan (choose one location). Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of planning a project in this country. Use specific examples to support your opinion of why you would or would not want to be a project manager for a project in this country. Discuss the project environment and what adjustments would need to be made if the project was conducted in the United States versus this country. Explain your answer in a Word document, using specific examples to support your conclusions, and cite your references according to APA format. Your assignment should be at least 750 words. Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading

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