Describe the type of neglect faced by the orphans.

Please listen to the radio story on research about neglected children who came from Romaninan orphanages during the communist period there. The story focuses on Isidor Ruckel, an orphan with polio, who came from an orphanage in Romanian


Please develop a written to several of the following questions. In your responses, cite theorists from our course, as appropriate. Please limit your answers to about 1-2-3 paragraphs (or1/3 of a page) each. Answers must be numbered, and IN ORDER. Illegible answers will be returned ungraded.


1. Discuss the critical bond between parent and child – the idea that children need someone in their life to provide attention, affection and stimulation. Babies expect this at birth


2. Describe the type of neglect faced by the orphans


3. What conclusion can you draw from this story about how children know or learn the difference between right and wrong? Does this related to bullying?


4. The Symbolic Interaction of hugging kids was dicussed. Describe what was termed a “disorganized way of interaction”


5. Describe two effects 1) the socialization deficiencies, as well as 2) the physiological deficiencies, noted in children from these orphanages. Include differences in the Amygdala, the white matter and gray matter of the brain.


6. Discuss the experiment where kids looked at photos of moms and strangers, and then in a second round, adopted mother and unfamiliar women. Explain who the babies could distinguish, and why


7. Summarize the findings and conclusions from this radio story and the research reported in it.



Due in 3-4 hours.



Intoduction to sociology textbook (Chapter 3- Society the basics by John Macionis)


Chapter 3 – Socialization: From Infancy to Old ages


Theories covered in chapter 3

-Charles Darwin (role of nature)

-John Watson (role of nurture)

-Harry and Margaret Harlow (research with monkeys)

-Sigmund Frued (elements of personality)

-Jean Piaget (theory of cognitive development)

-Lawrence Kohlberg (theory of moral development)

-Carol Gilligan (theory of gender and moral development)

-George Herbert Mead (theory of the social self)

-Erik Erikson (8 stages of development)

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