Describe how the Federalist Papers constituted.

Write a 5-6 page essay in which you consider how the Federalist Papers constituted, first of all, an attempt to allay the fears that many Americans had about creating a stronger national government:many of these fears, of course, were rooted in the way in which British Empire attempted to impose its power on the American colonies during the period, 1763-1775. But you should also show how the Federalist Papers were an argument for why the federal government that was proposed by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 would be able to effectively deal with the sort of problems that the government under the Articles of Confederation had seemingly been unable to manage: problems such as foreign nations attempting to undermine the U.S.; war-like Indians on the frontier; a depressed economy, a debt-ridden and unstable national government; and the phenomenon of “too much democracy.” The Sections of the Federalist Papers that I would expect people to find useful to this assignment are Articles 2-36, 39, 41-48, 51, 62-64, 66, 69-70 and 84. But I don’t expect you all to read every one of these articles. Be sure to confine your discussion, for the most part, to the text of the Federalist Papers themselves, and to the immediate historical context (the 1780s). You should only reference earlier events (like Parliament’s attempts to tax Americans without their consent), by way of illustrating the fears that many Americans had about creating a strong (and distant) national government. You should definitely not present the American Revolution and its causes as introduction for your paper. You need to quote liberally from the text of the Federalist Papers. But you only need to cite the number of the article, not the page number. Finally, you need to organize your paper around a thesis. I would, however, expect that thesis to be rather general, since the parameters of the assignment are somewhat narrow.

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