Describe how hormones influence human sexual motivation.

Write a five page paper on Gender and Sexuality. Use at least four different resources, such as the media, journals, newspapers, internet, textbook, etc. Make sure you use the APA format. I am giving you three weeks to do your paper, so that means my expectations are high. A rubric will be included. Remember, the policy pertaining to late papers. If you submit your paper on the last day, then I will assume you did a rush job, so please don’t wait until the last minute.

Select one of the topics below to write your paper:

Discuss gender similarities and differences aggression, social power, and social connectedness.

Explain how biological sex is determined, and how sex hormones influence prenatal and adolescent development.

Describe how hormones influence human sexual motivation

Describe how gender roles and gender typing influence gender development.

What has researchers taught us about sexual orientation

Discuss the factors that influence teenagers’ sexual behaviors and use of contraceptives.

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