Describe how hormones influence human sexual motivation


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Gender and Sexuality

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Sexual xxxxxxxxxx is one xx the most critical aspects xx xxxxxxxxx Researchers xxxx found xxx that if human xxxxxx were xxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxx xxxx then xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx hence humanity would gradually become extinct. xxxx respect xx this xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx the feeling xx xxxxxx sex is natural xxx xxxx part xx our xxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxx These hormones xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx In human xxxxxx and xxxxx mammalian xxxxxxxx xxx drive and xxx ability xx engage in sexual xxxxxxxxx is controlled xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx it xx important xx understand xxxx the ability to xxxxxx xx sexual behaviors is not directly xxxxxxxxxx by xxx hormones.

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