Describe and explain the functions and roles of the Health Information Manager.

Find any healthcare organization (hospital) in the UAE and provide the following information by explaining and discussing your management findings.Your presentation should cover the following topics:

1. Provide the organization’s background such as brief company history, type of company (public/private), how many employees work there, what product/service provide.

2. Outline the organizations’ Mission and Vision Statement.

3. Include the Organizational Chart. Clearly highlight in the chart the departments, position and title of the personnel.

4. Outline organization’s Health Information Management (HIM) Department, including Departments Units, clearly highlighting the organizational chart of the department, unit position/s and title of the personnel

5. Describe and explain the functions and roles of the Health Information Manager.

6. Include citations in your slides and a reference list at the end following the APA referencing style. • There should be one slide in your PowerPoint indicating what each person has contributed to the project.

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