Describe an experience in which communication with a co-worker went wrong.


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xxxxxxx head: xxxxxxxxx COMMUNICATION 1

xxxxxxxxx Communication

xxxxxxx’x Name:

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Affiliation:

xxxxxxxxx Communication

Communication xx xxx passing of information between xxx or more people in order xx xxxxxx xx receive xxx intended xxxxxxxx xx any xxxxxxxxxxxxx it is imperative to xxxx xxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx is xxx just important for xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx but also xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx of the organization. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx any xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx be xxxxx xx possible barriers xx xxxxxxxxx communication. Some of the xxxxxxxx xx effective communication may include; physical xxxxxxxxxxx differences xx xxxxxxx noise, gender, xxxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx are xxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx process, interactive xxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxx Listening xxxx the aim of xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxx relaying the information says xxxxxx a lot. Physical differences between the xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx

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