Declaration of Independence.

Document Selection and Supporting Evidence: Select one of the primary documents provided via a link on the course syllabus as the basis of your analysis. Select one of the documents that are assigned prior to the due date of each essay. Research the context of the document (when was it written, why, what was the purpose of it at the time it was produced). To do so, the use of the Library is required. Select at least 3 library sources (scholarly sources or other primary sources in addition to the document you selected) to base your analysis on. To assist you, use the library links provided in our blackboard site. Body of Paper: o You are required to address the following required questions in narrative and essay format and to analyze the relationship of the primary document to current events. Remember, your cover page and list of references do not count as part of your word count. o DO NOT answer the questions individually. Rather, provide analysis in essay format and address all required questions as they are interconnected and should be approached accordingly. DO NOT include the questions in your narrative. Required Essay Questions: o what specific topic is under discussion ? (you are required to formally introduce your document by name and author within your essay) o what was the purpose of the document at the time it was written ? o what was the reaction to the document at the time it was written ? o what evidence supports that the contents argument factual ? o what impact did it have at the time it was written ? over time ? today ? o Be sure that your analysis is central. Direct quotes should support but not replace your analysis. As a rule, no more than 20% total of your text should ever be direct quotes. o Be sure to use clear and concise sentences o Be sure to use appropriate tone for the content of the assignment—third person is required o Be sure to clearly state major points and support your points with specific details, examples and analysis from scholarly sources and the contents of the document o Be sure to organize your analysis logically o Be sure that your analysis is accurate, factual, comprehensive and persuasive Organization: o Be sure to include the following required elements: o a title page o an introduction  that is required to: • 1. Introduce your topic • 2. State your thesis statement • 3. Entice the reader to continue to read o transitions o a conclusion Citations/References: o Be sure to include the following required elements: o in text citations (following MLA or APA Guidelines) o works cited (must be complete and follow MLA or APA Guidelines). Use the iConnect materials in our Blackboard site. Mechanics: o Word Count: 750 words minimum and 1000 words maximum o When submitted your work is required to be: o Typed with standard margins and formatting o double spaced (do not double space between paragraphs) o is required to be in Times New Roman 12 point plain text o When submitted ensure that your work is error free (spelling, grammar, capitalization, and syntax) and is properly formatted overall according to MLA or APA Guidelines o When submitted your paper must be one continuous document— you can only submit one submission for each assignment due o No resubmissions or revisions will be accepted

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