Compare Emirates to Qatar airlines.

Hi, i want to make essay about Strategic Planning of Emirates Airlines, but i just wanna focus on cabin crew (steward and stewardess) and pilot.

1. Introduction, just write into 1 paragraph with 300 words (company profile, vision and mission).

2. Then move to comparison Emirates with Qatar (choose one of prospector, defender, analyzer and reactor for each airlines, which the suit for them and why – criticize why each suit with one of them(theory about it), you refer to article then criticize with by your own, it will be good if you talk from business perspective then move to hr strategy) don’t talk too long in this part.

3. Then move to Diversity (as we know Emirates Airplane has diversity cabin crew and pilot), we talk about diversity as HRD strategy(theory of hrd strategy) of Emirates. Whats they plan? How diversity strategy can develop their Airlines? How they plan and manage for diversity, strategic development they do (now) according to diversity? Utilize employee branding(theory about employee branding) to improve diversity in Emirates. Diversity in here not only about nationalities, cultures, religious and ethnic backgrounds, but talk about gender, comparation between men and women too. Is it equal or maybe there’s policy about it. Maybe you can talk about woman pilot in Emirates, find article about it.

4.HRD of Emirates – training, development and learning for cabin crew and pilot.

5. Compare Emirates to Qatar Airlines, why hr practices suit for Emirates but why Qatar use hr practices, after you talk from article, analyze by your self.

6. Conclusion and recommendation – it should be relate to hr.

Your analyisis should include consideration of the following: to what extent organizatios appear to have:

– considered alternatives before selecting resourcing and development practices, and sought to evaluate the effectiveness of those adopted

– considered stakeholder interests in their choice of practices and their implementation

– addressed any relevant legal and ethical issues

The assignment should be structured in a way that sets out and clearly develops your arguments and provides scope for critical discussion. Please don’t put sub-headings.

Please use article just from Academic Journal, website of Emirates and Qatar Airlines or other relates to it and reputable news website, do not use book. The theories take from academic journal (use peer-reviewed journal), after describing from the article analyze it why its important (critical thinking). No plagiarism. Please use words that not too heavy but still professional. Do not use wikipedia.

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