Write an investigation of Saudi female students’ writing strategies.

It is about An Investigation of Saudi Female Students’ Writing Strategies.

The research questions are : 1. How to chosen topics by the teachers be effective on Saudi female students? 2. What are the writing strategies used by Saudi female students when writing about specific topics?

I already wrote an introduction ( Asking students to write can be difficult and time consuming for many students, but with some right tools, it can be easier. Writing strategies are the tools writers use to do their work. So these strategies help students to make their writing going and to come out the way they intend. By these writing strategies, students can improve their writing. Actually, there are not certain writing strategies to follow. These writing strategies created depending on the age of the students and the topics they cover. Actually writing is one of the most important skills in teaching English as a foreign language. It can help the students as well as the teachers to see how they master and manage the target language. For many students, writing in general can be more difficult, in which they consuming long time to choose a topic. )

in which you cad edit it or add more on the introduction but not to change all of it, because i already sent them to my doctor as a proposal for my research.

Also I already wrote the ( Statement of the problem:

Many studies have focused on how writing strategies are helpful to students to write. In addition, how to follow them, as well as the problems that students faced during writing, and the right ways to choose topics to write about. This study will focus on how writing about specific topics can be helpful for students to write. Hence, teachers who teach Saudi students can choose specific topics that might students interested in. Chosen topics might be difficult for teachers if the students are not within the same age. )

and again you cad edit it or add more.

and about the method , I started with : ( Because this study aims to collect data from a group of students that they are within the same age, the researchers selected students from the classrooms. The participants’ ages ranged between 16 and 18. It is in this age, students are expected to be able to write at least a paragraph in English. Therefore, the students we are planning to select have learned English at least 6 years. Hence, after choosing a group of students, we will start a group discussion with the teacher in which the teacher gets to choose certain topics for writing…… )

In Method , My Doctor said that i need to use instruments to measure students’ writing strategies and also he asked about how we will measure the effectiveness of topic selection on students writing.

and in general in this research the chosen The participants that we will use this research are all female as our school is. Also as these students , English is their second language.

Also this research needs to be first with


Literature review

statement of the problem

significant of the study

Research questions


Collect data

analysis data




questioner that might use , or any questions or instruments that used in the research.

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Thank You

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