What is the potential for injury to employees?

Which of the following is NOT a factor in determine the frequency of inspections?


What is the potential for injury to employees?
Are the employees repairing or adjusting equipment while it is in motion?
What is the past record of failure?
How quickly can the item or part become hazardous?


5 points


Question 2



What is considered the last line of defense for protection from hazards?


Engineering controls
Administrative controls
Rotation of work


5 points


Question 3



Formal inspections should be made routinely at least once a __________ or as required by standards.




5 points


Question 4



Close __________ and knowledge of the particular jobs are required if the JSA is to be effective.




5 points


Question 5



Benefits of a JSA include all of the following EXCEPT:


making employee safety contacts.
giving pre-job instructions on irregular jobs.
mandating PPE usage.
reviewing job procedures after the incidents occur.


5 points


Question 6



Which of the following is an error that should be avoided when breaking a

JSA down into steps?


Observing the employee perform the task
Completely describing each step of the process
Making the breakdown so detailed that an unnecessarily large number of steps results
Verify the breakdown with the person observed and obtain agreement


5 points


Question 7



For a suggestion system to be successful, it must have a clearly explained operating plan. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a successful plan?


It is fair.
It is short and concise.
It is impartial.
It is potentially profitable.


5 points


Question 8



The best-practice approach to developing a safety and health committee involves

gathering __________ representation by leaders and team members.


as little


5 points


Question 9



In conducting inspections of production and related equipment, which of the following would NOT fall into the category?




5 points


Question 10



Effective and meaningful employee involvement includes all of the following EXCEPT:


management commitment visibly and frequently demonstrated.
individual involvement and influence.
constant and varied communication.
allowing employees to establish safety protocol.




Question 11



Discuss the Hierarchy of Controls found in Figure 6-2 of your textbook. Explain why it is this is a logical step in abating hazards?.q.11 is the upload question


Question 12




Perception surveys have been considered by many to be an indicator of how employees feel about safety. Do you believe this is a good method of measuring safety support within an organization? Explain your answer. Is there a better way?























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