uncover how interest groups have influenced campaign.

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Please do some online/offline research to uncover how interest groups have influenced campaigning and then present & discuss your findings with your peers. For example, if I was tackling this assignment, I’d talk about what the National Rifle Association does because it interests me. First, I’d describe the group a bit to orient everyone. Then, I’d talk about some of the ways they influence campaigns. For example, I’d include in that a description of how every time an election rolls around, they send members an “election guide.” In said guide is a graded break-down of the candidates in various races and their stand on gun ownership rights. Folks that, in the NRA’s opinion, defend the second amendment get “A’s” and “A+’s” and the like; those who don’t get much lower grades. (Interestingly, I recall that the candidates the NRA likes are depicted with great photographs; the opponents of those folks can sometimes be depicted with these garish photographs that look like they were taken when the person just got up or something.) I’d also go on to talk about how much financial support the NRA gives and actually throw some numbers and data around to show what I’m talking about. And, finally, I would, of course, cite all of my sources so everyone can go check out the links for themselves if they so choose. Oh, and, yes, I’m taking the NRA off the table since I mentioned it here. : ) The following links may be helpful in your search: http://www.publicintegrity.org/accountability/lobby-watch http://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/ http://www.followthemoney.org/ please make this easy to understand

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