Should advertising claims be more regulated?Explain.

Instructions are included in the documents, as well as here: The Final Project is a critical persuasive essay of no less than 1200 words and no more than 1700 words. You must pick a topic from the choices on the following list and argue for or against the propositions within that specific topic, presenting sound reasoning, evidence, and analyses. Your presentation should be well-written, grammatically correct, and well-reasoned. Most consumers are persuaded by advertiser’s claims about a company’s products or services. But often advertisers misrepresent or exaggerate their claims without providing any evidence to support those claims. Companies’ managements often feel confident that few people will ever challenge their assertions, because so few people ever do. It is just too costly and time-consuming to sue a company for untrue advertising in court, even when there are serious consequences to the use of its products or services, except in class action suits. Should the governments, at the State and Federal level, do more to protect and help consumers against false advertising claims. If so, or if not, explain why. The Final Project must follow this structure: • Introduction of the Topic and your position (Topic Paragraph); • Statement of your position and supporting Argumentation; • Statement and development of at least one substantive objection to your position; • Rebuttal of the objection; • Conclusion indicating what you have argued and demonstrated. Remember the final project is a critical persuasive essay. This means your goal is to present arguments for why your view on an issue is the correct one. These arguments should be sound and not employ any fallacious argumentation in order to persuade the reader that your view is correct. Also you need to deal with an objection to your key argument and then rebut that objection. Your essay should be between 1200 and 1700 words. But keep in mind the goal of the paper is to write as much as possible in your own words and to present argumentation in your own words. Key points should be explained by you.

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