Explain the Mexican origin myth.


  1. Select three (3) and answer using evidence from the textbook and lectures and e readings (required) plus any o the provided optional resources as you see fit in at least 500 words each. Cite in accordance with MLA or APA.


  1. Explain the Mexican origin myth.
  2. How did liberties differ between Mexicans living in Texas and Mexicans living in California prior to the US-Mexican War?
  3. How did the Mexican-American War impact the liberties of Mexicans residing in the Republic of Texas?
  4. Discuss the culture of rural Mexican Americans in the nineteenth century.
  5. What’s the significance of the Gadsen Purchase?
  6. Explain the significance of Joaquin Murieta.
  7. Explain the Cart War (1857).
  8. What’s the significance of the Black Hand and White Caps?







Select three and answer in at least 500 words using evidence from all required sources. Cite in accordance with MLA or APA.


  1. Mass culture theorists would argue that popular culture is imposed on consumers from above by culture industries. Challenge or support this statement.
  2. Several Chicano scholars have argued that Mexican American/Chicano pop culture serves to express opposition to the dominant Anglo culture. Support or challenge this assertion.
  3. Why did orquesta Tejana music appeal to a different audience than did conjunto music?
  4. What accounts for the popularity over several decades of groups such as Los Lobos and Santana in American pop culture?

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