Explain ethics of business, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility .

This assignment develops your capabilities to analyse, reason logically and conceptualise financial, social and environmental issues; and is aligned with the Course Learning Outcomes of identifying, understanding and interpreting accounting concepts. The use of Sustainability and/or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report enables you to apply your accounting knowledge to a real world context. The assignment is aligned with the following course learning objectives:


– Understand the ethics of business, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility (CSR)

– Reflect on financial information use in a business context

– Interpret business reports and accounting information to support business decision making processes


At the completion of the assignment you are also expected to achieve the following Program Learning Outcome (PLO):


– Apply a broad theoretical and technical knowledge of business practice in diverse contexts.

– Apply reasoned judgements to solve problems in a variety of business contexts with reference to ethical, regulatory and global perspectives.


Overview of assignment requirements

Assume you are preparing the report for a friend who wishes to invest in a business which conducts itself in a socially and environmentally responsible way. In your report, you are required to advise your friend on the economical/financial, social and environmental performance of the business. You should choose and analyse the financial and Sustainability/CSR reports of one of the specified below organisations (Please note that a marking rubric/guide will be available on RMIT Blackboard); and advise your friend whether or not to invest in the business in the report conclusion. You should demonstrate that you have undertaken research, and cite the sources you have used through appropriate in-text referencing and bibliography. We highly suggest you go through the sustainability chapter in the text book before you commence writing the assignment. Then go through the annual reports of your chosen company as well as other online resources which provide extra support for financial, social and environmental performance of your chosen company. It is important that you follow the assignment template to write your report.


You are required to prepare a report on one of the following specific organisations below:


Adidas (Financial year 2013)


The assignment’s template is as follows:

 Title Page

 Table of contents

 Introduction

 Financial/Economic performance

 Social performance

 Environmental performance

 Conclusion

 Reference List

 Appendix (optional)


LENGTH: 2000 – 2500 words (excluding table of contents, reference list and Appendix (if anyappendix is optional))

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