Discuss the marketing research process.

Discussion questions there is no word count. just short answers need completed by 12:00 est time on 9/19




et’s discuss the marketing research process. Please describe the five-step marketing research approach that leads to marketing actions.  Have you seen any of these in action? If so, please provide an example?


How does data mining differ from traditional marketing research? Why do you think data mining related to social media has become so popular as a marketing research tool?



Occasionally, a student will suggest that his or her product or service is universally needed, such as providing a haircut. Therefore, they plan to target everyone. Why is this not a good idea? What criteria should be used to determine which market segment(s) to target?




Class, what’s the difference between demographic and behavioral segmentation? Can you think of an example?


what is product positioning? What are the approaches to positioning? How might you position the product or service for your Course Project?

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