Discuss meditation and its benefits.

Major Assignment: Research Proposal Instructions: Compose a 1000-word proposal describing your Proposing a Solution Research Project to your instructor and your classmates. Describe what you plan to accomplish with your final project (your purpose); you must explain how you plan to achieve your purpose, and you must convince your academic audience that your project is significant, problematic, interesting and manageable. Proposals have their own format and are unlike other academic documents; thus, you will need a cover page, with a heading similar to the example shown on P. 248 in the Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing. You will also need to write the proposal in sections with the following headings within the document. Your proposal will include: •Description of the problem you will attempt to solve in your final project. •Analysis of the rhetorical purpose of your final project (as rhetorical aim, as motivating occasion, as desire to change your audience’s view). •Audience analysis (for your final project). (Who is the person with the power to effect the change you will propose? What are their values, interests and beliefs? How will you shape your proposal to appeal to your target audience’s values, interests, knowledge, beliefs, emotions?) •Initial hypothesis (tentative proposal for a solution) •Short Literature Review : summarizes the research you have conducted so far and the results of that research, as well as evaluates the usefulness, quality, etc, of the sources (is each source up-to-date? credible? relevant to your research? well organized? etc. •Questions that Remain : During the research for the Exploratory and Informative Essay, you found a lot of good information for your project, but some questions remain. Maybe there are some aspects of the problem you don’t understand, maybe there are some feasibility issues, maybe there are some areas in which you are stuck. List those here. •Research Plan (You have begun research for the Exploratory Essay—what remains to be done? What steps will you take from now on?).

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