Discuss human Sexuality.

The goal of this assignment is to write a paper in the form of a persuasive essay that addresses an ethical question in some aspect of human sexuality or human sexuality research. You should take a position on the topic and and develop and persuasive argument in favor of your position. I’ve listed some possible topics below; however, you should not feel limited to just these topics. If there is an issue you feel passionate about, you should write your paper on that topic. ******Suggestion 1: Researchers working on the genetics of sexual orientation are beginning to identify portions of the genome that are associated with same-sex attraction. Should this research continue given the prejudice that exists in our society against gay and lesbian men and women and the possibility that parents could conceivably screen their embryos for the presence of these genes? Explain your answer in the form of a persuasive essay.******* Guidelines for writing the paper: – Your paper should be approximately 500 words long (approximately two double-spaced pages using Times Roman 12 point font) written in the form of a persuasive essay. – You may support your position with reference to peer-reviewed papers. These papers must be properly cited and referenced following using APA format. If you use references, the reference section of your paper should be submitted as a document from the rest of your paper so that your references don’t artificially increase the similarity score of your paper as determined by turnitin.com (see below). – The maximum amount of similarity to other work, either written by yourself or someone else, is 10%. – Your essays will not be graded on the basis of whether the TAs and I agree with your opinion or not. – There are two parts to the assignment. Part 1 should be the body of your paper. Part 2 should be the reference section of your paper (if you choose to use references). Do not submit your essay and references (if you have any) together in one document. Doing so will increase the similarity score of your paper and may result in a lower score as a consequence

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