Determine the thesis and write a clear thesis statement.

Please write an 4 pages double -spaced essay,  using 5-8 sources is good.And use specific examples in the essay.

Please follow

1.Determine the thesis and write a clear thesis statement.

        2.Take account of your audience

        3. Gather the necessary supporting evidence

        4.Settle on an organizational pattern

        5.Consider refutations to your argument

        6.Avoid faulty reasoning

        7.Conclude forcefully


  • Researched argument paper: This paper will take a position on an issue and use primary and secondary research. A successful paper will interact with multiple sources, analyze the arguments found in those sources, and build one’s own ideas upon scholarly research.
  • The paper must be properly documented and formatted according to MLA,  or APA style. The style chosen should be appropriate to the topic and should be consistently followed throughout. Your research may be primary (interviews, surveys) or secondary (books, articles). For your secondary research, print sources are preferred (books, periodicals, newspapers), but non-print sources (lecture, film, television, radio, the Internet) are also acceptable.

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