Describe some opportunities for growth that could be capitalized over the next five years.

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xxxxxxxx FORECASTING: xx COMPANY xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

The xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx sector has added more than $261billion xx the economy of xxx United States xx the xxxx 2007. The xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx services xxxxxx experienced xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xx 14% xxxxxxxx to 2% xxx xxx xx industries. xxx xxxxxxxxx PC software xxxxxx was $88 xxxxxxx in xxxx xxxx 30% xx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx market, which was $297 billion. Near to xxx billion xxxxx xx software were xxxxxxxx in xxxxx

Software drives productivity and innovation in almost xxxxx economic xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx of all xxxxx xxxxxxx better xxxxxxxxxxxx xx The xxxxxx xxxxxxx IT was responsible xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx factor growth xx xxxxxxxxxxxx between 1995 to xxxx and virtually total xxxxxx in labor productivity.

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxx’x xxxxxxxxxx xx increase the cap xx visas xxx foreign xxxxxxxxx from xxxxx & xxxxx will increase a xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx these xxxxxxx & also xxxxxxxx xxx

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