Arguing against myself.

“Arguing Against Myself” (Non Plagerized) (Community College Paper)

The Paper should be on Pro Gun Control

Asignment Considerations:

  1. Assignment will have THREE paragraphs:
  2. First Paragrpah Should be arguing your own opinion
  3.  Secound Paragraph A similary supported Paragraph Arguing FOR your own opinion
  4. A non-supported paragraph reflecting on the experience of this assingment


  • Follow MLA Format throughout
  • Each ‘argument’ paragraph’: at least three pieces of ‘evidence’ for each claim- form at least TWO sources
  • Provide Context for each piece of evidence (set ups/reconnections)
  • Include works cited page


Teacher Sample Assignment:

My orignal postion: I was against the invasion of Iraq.

My main claim for this argument: The invasion of Iraq was a good thing.

My One support claim for that Main Claim: We got Saddam Huesin out of Power.


Some Sample Evidence he found:


  1. “Saddam has had approximately 40 of his own relatives murdered. Allegations of prostitution are used to intimidate opponents of the regime and have been used by the regime to Justify the barbaric beheading of women. There have been documented chemical attacks by the regime, from 1983 to 1988, resulting in some 30,000 Iraqui and Iranian Deaths.”

From: ” Life Under Saddam Hussein: Past Repression and Atrocities by Saddam Hussein.” U.S. Department of State Archive. 3 Apr 2003. Web. 25 June 2013


2. ” Just as we do not know what iraq will become under Nouri al-Maliki, we do not know what it would have been under Saddam Hussein. That rapacious dictator, we now know, was not effectively boxed in by sanction; he was violatiiong the UN embargo and plotting to reconstitute his weapons of mass destruction.”


From: Bacevich, Andrew J. “Was the Iraq War Worth It?” Council on Foreign Relations. 15 Dec 2011. Web. 25 June 2013.

Attached You will find what i have written so far my professor told me most of it was wrong so if you could write it with somewhat the same beliefs thatd be great.

You Are Pro Gun Control

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